Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's new and a Giveaway

Anita of Bed of Roses blog has a wonderful giveaway of a book by Bonnie Hunter. Do you know her website? If not you do want to check it out here:
Bonnie is a generous quilter who has a number of free patterns on her website. As well she has recently written her 3rd book and Anita is giving it away to a blogger with an active blog. She asks the question- When did you begin quilting? So when did you begin quilting?
I began steadily quilting in 1996 though I had made quillows and one queen sized log cabin quilt in a day in the mid eighties. Quilting sure has changed since then with all sorts of gadgets( rotary cutters, mats etc ) that make quilting so much easier. The array of fabrics and books is amazing these days. Each day you can find somewhere on line or locally with great fabric choices and new designs to tempt one.

I was not familar with Anita's blog but I know that I will return to visit it when I get the opportunity. You can find a link on my blog list for her.

I did get my OWOH winners bracelets in the mail over the weekend. I also went to buy curtain material for the basement this past weekend. One curtain is hanging up and I need to get two more made in the next few days.

Life is a little busy for us just now. Our son and his girlfriend and their two furry friends " Freddy and Buddy" (they are boy cats) are moving into our basement this weekend. The boy and the girl have been busy this past month clearing out stuff, rearranging other stuff and generally making the space a functional living space for them for awhile. A new wall, some paint, lots of garbage bags and sweat have been involved- mostly theirs.. We welcome them and appreciate all they have done to help neaten us up!

We are not sure how our furry pets are going to like having some new friends in their house so it could be interesting.
I will leave you with a photo of Mars helping me eat my ice cream bar. She loves vanilla ice cream - what a funny old girl she is...

And if you have noticed that fabric costs have been going up, you may find this post by Sue of Alderwood Quilts interesting. She is a quilt shop owner from Oregon and shares some really interesting insight to the rising costs of fabric.

Until next time,
Happy quilting,

Friday, February 18, 2011

OWOH Winners

Colorwash Heart made in 2002- owned by family friends

I am happy to announce my two winners from the OWOH blogging festival. First I want to thank Lisa from a Whimsical Bohemian for creating and hosting this wonderful artisan festival for the past 5 years. It has been a wonderful event! She has some new plans ahead that will continue the spirit of OWOH but you need to read her post for information about it.

The past two weeks have been busy on many fronts - at home, at school and on the blog front...There were 870 different posts in OWOH and I attempted to visit them all- and I did manage to stop at almost all of them. Perhaps some of you stopped at some and made a new blog friend. I know that I met some new blogging friends on my journey.

And now to my two winners of the bracelets. I want to congratulate
Singtatter from Singapore
Electra from Calgary Alberta
I will get their bracelets finished off and in the mail in the next few days.

These two lovely ladies were drawn randomly using the random generator from 151 entrants. Thanks to all of you who stopped by - I want to go back and stop in on some of you who were so kind to leave a comment on my post now that the festival is completed.
This weekend is a long weekend here in Alberta as it is Family Day Weekend. I am looking forward to an extra day to get some sewing done- I have some curtains to make for downstairs so I am off to buy fabric tomorrow. The local Fabricland is having its Ultimate Sale so hopefully we will find some fabric that will work for a good price. I would like to get some baby quilt wraps made that I cut a couple of weeks ago. Those babies will soon be arriving and be needing those wraps. Perhaps I will get a start on the panel quilt... Lots to do and not enough time... Report cards loom on the horizon...
All in all it looks to be a busy weekend - seems like the weekends are pretty full these days- We have Melissa Etheridge concert tickets on Sunday evening with Serena Ryder as the opening act. We saw Melissa many years ago now and loved her concert. The tickets were a Valentine's gift from my husband.

Recently my friend Micki contacted me and asked me to be her Valentine star of the month. She sent me a set of interview questions and I sent back to her my responses. You can read the lovely piece by clicking on her name above. Thanks Micki for your gift of friendship and kind words.

We hope that the weather warms up too- the last few days, the thermometer has plummeted into the deep freeze... Will it soon be spring???? Rose taken by sister Denise in the summer of 2010
Stay warm and Happy quilting! I will return to regular blogging soon... LOL
Warmest regards,