Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Twenty eight years ago on Boxing Day (December 26), I married the love of my life, Bruce. Together we have raised a son to adulthood and enjoyed many adventures along our journey. I have been very fortunate to marry a good friend - Bruce has supported my interests (and I, his) all through our married life.

I made this paper pieced cuddle quilt using a a wall hanging pattern by Eileen B. Sullivan as the central medallion. I then added a number of borders and its finished size fills up our love seat. I love all the beautiful Christmas poinsettia prints one can find now.

When I wanted to choose my wedding flowers it was a bit more complicated than some wedding plans because of the date. We were married in a candlelight ceremony with the church full of colors of Christmas. My sister is a horticulture designer and turned my silk bouquet into a lovely basket. It looked wonderful and we had it as a Christmas decoration for many years. Alas, like many things, it had got tired looking and then lost some of the blossoms- This year, My sister has made me a new basket of poinsettias as an anniversary gift. The new floral arrangement is gorgeous and we will be able to enjoy it to for many years to come.

We went to visit my family(my parents and 3 siblings and their families) in Red Deer for the past few days. Red Deer is about a hundred miles south. We had two Christmas dinners with wonderful turkey and all the trimmings. We were more fortunate, than some other travellers across this country, who experienced difficulties getting onto planes. The roads were good - clear and dry though we ran into a skiff of snow on our way back earlier today.

While I was there my father took me down to the quilt store, Sew you Like 2 Quilt. It has moved from the place that Pam and I visited in the summertime. It is a lovely little store and I found some wonderful Laurel Burch fabrics on sale. They will be used to make a new Christmas quilt ( a next year project) LOL. I was tempted by lots of other of the beautiful Christmas fabrics but I resisted - there were many gorgeous poinsettia fabrics too..

During this second week of holidays I am looking forward to a few days where I get to use my sewing machine. I plan to make a texture quilt for my mother in law. I saw the pattern for it on in early November. I have been collecting different textured fabrics for this quilt for awhile. It is a long time since I sewed with fabric that was not cotton. I will either use a fusible interfacing or use a foundation . The design is simple- just large squares of different fabrics . I thank Julie for the idea- I hope that I can get it finished quickly and off to the West Coast so my mother in law can enjoy using it.

The crockpot is full of chicken soup and our dog Dusty has been curled up here as I have written this post. My husband and I have been watching the hockey game on television and the Christmas tree is brightly lit... Life is good..

I had a request to see Dusty our dog- Mars the cat is posted on the blog header and can often be found playing in the quilts. The only photo I have of Dusty was taken last summer prior to her first hair cut. She is looking pretty motley in the photo and is cuter with her hair trimmed. I will try and take a new photo of her one day soon. She is a schnoodle dog who is 7 years old.

Mars, the cat and Dusty, the dog along with the rest of us from Quiltmom's Household want to wish you a very Happy 2009.
With best Wishes,
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