Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fabric Choices.... Do you use your scraps to make Quilts?

When I first started quilting I decided that I might like to make a quilt for each one of our siblings. My husband and I each have three siblings with spouses/partners. Since 2001, I have made each pair at least one quilt and in some cases they now have a second quilt. Each quilt is quite different, like each of our siblings. This quilt belongs to my youngest brother Shaun. I made it completely from my stash. The pattern was called "Roman Squares" that is a Rail Tie that is set on point. It was from a little book called "Classic Quilts in a Day" by Fran Roen. I used scraps from my scrap box and when I look at his quilt, I remember many other quilts where I used some of those fabrics. This quilt has a real traditional look and feel to it. My friend Michele has an interesting post about making quilts from "Everything but the kitchen sink". There is much talk about caring for the environment and being aware of our carbon footprint in our society.

I have made a few scrap quilts over the last dozen years of quilting. Some have been made from scraps given to me by other quilters, and others have had strips from yardage in my stash. On the odd occasion, I have taken apart pieces of clothing to use as fabric in my quilts.

My curious mind wonders what others think about making scrap quilts? Do you enjoy making scrap quilts? Where do you get your fabrics? Have you built a stash of fabric? Do you create your own designs using traditional patterns or use someone else's patterns?

If you are looking for a good source of patterns do checkout Bonnie Hunter's blog She has a large number of wonderful patterns for scrap quilters that are free on her website. Bonnie has also written a book called "Scraps and Shirttails" that I just received in the mail this week. It has a number of lovely patterns but the one I like the best is called "Virginia Bound".

I am a huge fan of using lots of color in my quilts, so scrap quilts are very appealing to me. I started collecting fabrics when I began quilting a dozen years ago and I have amassed quite a collection of fabrics. I go to my stash first, when I am making a new quilt and these days I can usually make the quilt from the stash without buying anything for it. I also have been given fabric from friends( both quilters and non quilters)to add to my collection. And of course there are my shopping adventures for fabric(I sometimes call it my retail therapy VBG).. All in all, I have many choices when it comes to creating quilts. I am not living up to the frugality of my forebearers, but I am building my own retirement fabric fund :O)

There are a couple of blogs that are having some giveaways that you may want to check out. Pat is having a very nice giveaway. She is a pattern designer and writes a very fun blog.
The people at yellowbirdart are also hosting a giveaway. These fine ladies have both have just come back from Quilt Market. I appreciated the way these ladies share their zest and passion for quilting.

The last blog I want to recommend is Quilter on a budget I was fascinated by her post about a solar system quilt that was made in 1876. This quilter was a lecturer about astronomy and made the quilt to provide her audience some visuals about the solar system. It was considered an acceptable hobby for a woman in the late 1800's..

I want to thank all of you who commented last week - I really appreciated all your ideas about the things that challenge you in quilting, and ways that you get your Mojo moving. I did get two Trip around the World quilts cut out ( large Twin size) and sewn together in one direction. I am making them with a strip quilting technique so I hope that they will go together fairly quickly.

I really enjoyed our Victoria Day Weekend Holiday last week. I had a surprise visit from my sister,Denise. We went out for a nice dinner with her and her daughter on Monday evening. I also got in some good quilting time too. I hope my American friends have a terrific Memorial Day holiday this weekend.

This upcoming week holds some nice social events with my spouse. We are off to see an Imax show about Vincent van Gogh on Wednesday evening, the opening of local Art Gallery's new exhibit on Friday night and a Volunteer appreciation evening on Saturday. In between times, I will be writing some report cards .. Life is good..

Warmest regards,


Orcsmom said...

I am making a scrappy quilt for my Moda U quilt. I like scrappy, traditional but also like using particular and certain lines of fabrics. I am glad to hear you had a nice Victoria Day. Take care!


clare's craftroom said...

I love scrappy make do quilts and yours is fabulous .

Wanda said...

You've been busy! And it sounds like you are having a blast. My one and only quilt is made all from scraps. My sister sent me most, which included scraps from both my grandmas. I got scraps from my friend's quilts for her daughters and I made my own scraps from my hubby's shirts. I love it! I am happy to say that my quilt top is in the safe and competent hands of someone in PA that will finish it for me!

Micki said...

I do use my scraps whenever I can and I also love lots of colour in my quilts.

Gran said...

I love reading your blog.

I am learning to be scrappy and quite enjoying the process. I did pick up Bonnie's book and have been trying to prepare my scraps. Right now I am saving anything that is 2" by 2" and then trying to remember to have them handy when I am sewing. It is a whole new mindset. I like the possibilities and for the life of me can not figure out what happens at night to make my fabric keep growing. I guess that what happens when you save scraps and see scraps in every piece of left over fabric.

We are having a relaxing holiday weekend. Thank you for your well wishes for us south of the 49th parallel. Your Victoria Day weekend sounded pleasant.

Well, I am off to make some baking powder biscuits for my DH.


mereth said...

I love my scraps and can't bear to throw anything away.I'll never be able to use them all up, but that's ok, there's always something to sew together at my house.

Purple Pam said...

I love fabric scraps. I was cleaning up under a table in the other bedroom today and was playing with some scraps other folks have given me. I like to make quilts from my stash, but I also like to buy more fabric to add to my stash! I know I am a fabric addict! I cannot bear to toss out any fabric either.

Michele said...

I hoard my scraps and when I have enough saved up, I make a quilt from them. This one of yours is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

meggie said...

I would enjoy the Vincent van Gogh show.
I love your scrappy quilts. They are my favourite to make of all quilts. All those memories, & warm feelings!

Nancy said...

While I've been quilting for years, using my scraps to make new projects is relatively recent for me. I've been working on the Bonnie Hunter system of scrap sizing and storing. It is taking a while.......

Pat said...

I love doing scrappy quilts. My stash now is sufficiently large enough that I can usually get a good part (if not all) of a quilt made from my stash now. It is fun (and very satisfying) to make a quilt that is totally from my stash, although I do often need to buy fabric for the backing.

Eileen said...

Love your scrappy quilt. The way you have put it together.I have done this the way called rail fence. Right now I am working on Bonnie's Double Delight, all from my stash. Surprising what you can find in these bins.

Gran said...

Hi, Just checking in to see if you have a new post and say Hi.
Happy quilting.

Gene Black said...

Yes, I do use scraps - as you know by now. Since my grandmother made quilts from scraps to keep her rather large family warm, I see it as carrying on a family tradition. And seeing past projects and family memories (used clothing or curtains or other fabric) just makes the quilt that much more special to me.
Besides that scrap of expensive fabric may be a scrap but you paid for it!

Anonymous said...

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Ozjane said...

I love SCRAPS so much that I used to buy scrap bags. Now I have a room full of yardage and half yards and quarters in crates and I cannot get to the three scrap crates.....things have to change.