Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blogger Quilt Festival- Spring 2010

Amy has a new blogging quilt festival that will begin tomorrow May 21. There are so many wonderful quilts to be seen and blogs to visit. I hope that you will get the chance to visit many of the wonderful quilts and quilters that are participating in it. This is my third time participating in this event. A big thank you to Amy for organizing this event- I am sure you will be inspired by the many beautiful quilts and stories. I know I am!

Amy asked us to write about a favorite quilt of ours to share. After some deliberation, this was my choice.
I made this wedding bargello quilt for a friend and her husband. The pattern is called " Melinda's Heart" by Heidi K. Farmer.
I chose these rich colors as my friend was keen on primary colors rather than the pink and green combination used in the original pattern. This was not the first bargello quilt that I had made. I really enjoy constructing quilts using this technique. To some, it may look more complicated than it actually is. It does require some careful cutting and pressing but it is not difficult. Someday I want to make this quilt again in pinks and greens. It would be softer and have a different kind of elegance. My friend's birthday is the day after Valentine's day, so this design seemed particularly appropriate.

There are some fabulous bargello books and designers out there - Chris Timmons - an Australian native and Derek C. Lockwood are among my favorites. Marge Edie also has a lovely Bargello book. I have a few patterns collected for my someday quilts. My someday list is getting longer and longer....perhaps you suffer from the same problem of the ever growing list of quilts you want to make...LOL

Do you make a pattern more than once? Do you have a favorite pattern or technique?

I am currently working on a new quilt- a second version of the blue/ brown quilt(see my last post). This weekend is an extra long weekend for me. I plan to get some quilting done as well as getting some school work finished. I want to begin some year end report card writing. June is just around the corner. The cool and rainy weather will be perfect for quilting and writing- unfortunately, not so perfect for our friends who may be wanting to be camping. They are predicting wet snow in the foothills /mountains tomorrow. That could be chilly in a tent!

In Canada, the 24th of May Long Weekend ( also known as the Victoria Day weekend) is traditionally the first camping weekend of the year. As a child, our family would go camping in the foothills of Alberta. One of my first childhood memories is of sleeping in a tent by a river and waking up to snow on the ground outside. Part of that same memory, is eating fresh pineapple for the first time. Some family friends brought a pineapple for us to try. I was probably 5 or 6 at the time. Fresh produce that we now have readily available year round, was not so common place in the early 60's. Strange the things we remember and store as memories from one's childhood.
I hope the weather is not too inclement for everyone to enjoy some time out of doors.

I was very fortunate this week to win a lovely giveaway prize from Susan at Blackberry creek blog. She is having another giveaway this week- a Southern Living Cookbook that you might wish to own. Susan has been busy redoing her house- she is an avid reader and a lovely quilter- Do stop by and visit..Thank you Susan for choosing my name to win your bunny tapestry. It will be treasured..

Enjoy the quilt festival- just click on the link and it will take you to the list of bloggers that are participating in this years festival.

Warmest regards,
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