Monday, June 20, 2011

A Golden Celebration.....

I just checked the date of my last post.. Wowser it has been awhile - much longer than I intended.... Life just has been on warp speed I guess.. Since I last wrote I finished this quilt for my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. Their two daughters and families hosted an afternoon party for them in the community hall in their farming community yesterday. Bruce and I spent a very nice Father's Day celebrating this special occasion.

I wasn't sure if I was going to get the quilt finished as their anniversary was in the middle of my report card writing season. However with three days to go I put my pedal to the metal..On Thursday I spray basted the queen sized quilt after I finished the final read of the report cards. On Friday night I made the binding and on Saturday I free motion quilted it and bound it. I finished the last stitching of the label as we drove towards their farm on Sunday around lunch time.... Nothing like pushing it to the last minute...VBG
I think that they will enjoy it and I was very happy to give it to two special people in my life..

I auditioned a few border fabrics before I found one that worked for me. The winning border choice was strong enough to hold it without being too floral or busy... I named the quilt "Golden Ways". The pattern is from Bonnie K. Hunter's quiltville website and she calls it "Twisted Strips." The scrap quilt has lots of different memory fabrics in it- some that come from the beginning of my quilting journey.

Now I must apologize to two lovely ladies who sent me two wonderful prizes just before the mail strike happened here in Canada.(There is some talk of the post office being legislated back to work this week)
I want to give a big thank you to Kelly from Bluebird Sews blog. She sent me these very fun Red and black fabrics. I love them and am sure that I will find a project to use these terrific paisley and print fabrics. She also included a nifty pin cushion and little pouch that she made. Thank you so much Kelly.. Do go and visit her blog- I know that you will enjoy reading her posts.

Nina Lise is a lovely Norwegian lady who sent me a wonderful handmade wallhanging along with some beautiful blue fabrics. I love the little panel that she also included. Nina Lise is a quilt pattern designer too and does some very interesting art quilt pieces. Do check out her link.
My mother is of Swedish descent but she has connections to some lovely Norwegian ladies so I know my mom is going to love seeing the special things that Nina Lise sent in her parcel. Thank you so very much.

Summer solstice is tomorrow and school will finish next week for summer break. It will be nice to slow down a little and get a few things done around our home. The summer will bring change as our son and his girlfriend are moving to Charlottetown PEI which is on the eastern coast of Canada in early August. There will be much to do before then including some new quilt projects to complete.

Last weekend a quilting friend Carolyn
ventured out to a the local guild quilt show. It was a wonderful show with a very nice sized market mall. We found a few treasures to bring home to add to the stash. I look forward to more adventures with Carolyn.
With summer here another dear friend ,Lou will come back from her home in Calgary to a lake house close by. I am sure that we will also have some fun quilting adventures too. Time with some good friends is a special part of my summer vacation.
I will leave you with two photos of two important men in my life. I was very happy to have the opportunity to spend time with my dad yesterday. Here is the sight I came upon as we arrived at my parent's home after the party.

When I think of my father, the images in my mind usually include ones of him with my mom or with his dog,Tammy(or both). My dad loves to garden.. It was nice to spend time with him on Father's Day.

This is the other man in my life- my spouse, Bruce of 30 years. Here he is with his great niece Anni.
I hope that both men know how much I love them and treasure the gifts they bring to my life. Belated Happy Father's Day!
Next time - perhaps I will have a new quilt on the go or other quilty things to share.
Warmest regards,
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