Friday, August 10, 2012

Cat on Quilt- The Voting Starts....

The contestants are now all entered and now it is time to vote  for your favorite Pets on Quilts. There are so many beautiful animals and quilts- I know that it will be hard to choose your favorite pet and quilt. Do go and take a look - perhaps you will like Mars so much that you will vote for her  and the cat quilt on my previous post. You can vote here:

Mars is # 39 .. ...
A big ThankYou to Lily Pad Quilter for hosting the Pets on Quilts event. A big Thank you to all of you who stopped by and left such nice comments about Mars and the Cat Quilt. 
Thought you might enjoy a couple more photos of the Princess and her quilts. 

She loved these Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that now belong to our great niece Annabelle- I have another pair in my sewing room that she likes to sleep on too. 
To see all the contestants in the blog hop click on the PETS on Quilts Icon on the Top Right hand Side- it will take you to the complete list of wonderful Pets. There are some unusual ones- horses, bees and gerbils as well as some lovely zoo animal baby quilts. 

I found this photo of Dusty too - I looked for a long time for it and she looks so beautiful on it that I had to share it. The photo was once the header of my quilt blog page.  I made this quilt near the beginning of my quilt journey- It was the third bed quilt that I made. You can see the mini lone stars that I added so that the quilt would be long enough for the man of the house.
I will be back later in the weekend about some  new quilts and other news from my house to yours. 

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Dar said...

You are so crafty. I loved them all but am partial to two...Lily cause she looks just like my departed Tig and Dusty is lying on my fav colors...and I have a son by the same name. Tough call. Dusty wins my heart, so sweet too!
BlessYa and thanks for stopping...your green thumb is definitely in quilting. WoW on all I've followed in the past couple yrs.

aubirdwoman said...

oh Mars is just like my dear departed Tiger (mine by default-left by dear daughter) Tiger lived to a grand old age of 19 years. She was a lovely cat.

aubirdwoman said...
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bohemiannie! art said...

OH my goodness...your quilts are beautiful!!! And your cat sublime! Puppy too!

InGa said...

The bedquilt you made is just beautiful. Smart way to add blocks in the way you did. Looks natural.
Do you have autumn in Canada at this time? We still have some summer days here in Skåne. :-)