Monday, March 11, 2013

Possibilities and The Lost Blogger....

My my, it has been awhile hasn't it!! I haven't meant to disappear from blogland but somehow the month of February disappeared - I know that it is a short month but, for a short month, it was one very full month. This pair of roses with specialty tea, candles and my favorite magazines arrived at our house for Valentine's Day. I love the beautiful contrasting shades of deep pink and pale pink. They graced our table for over two weeks..

My sister and her daughter came to the city to do a special errand- find a wedding dress for my niece, so we got the opportunity to have dinner together. Dinner at Red Lobster was delicious,
 and it was so nice to spend Family Day with some of my family.

Later that same week I reached a milestone of my own- I have worked 35 years as teacher for my schoolboard. The board hosted a lovely evening of beautiful hors d'ouveres and music along with the opportunity to connect with other friends that had also reached some special milestones in their careers. My friend L. has worked for the district for 25 years. The program is full of special things about each of the celebrated years ( 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years). I feel fortunate to work with so many fantastic people who bring much to the children of our fair city.
Time for creating this month has been pretty limited- I have had lots of paperwork at school with some additional writing that happens only every 5 years.
Have I been quilting or creating this month- well not so much- this new quilt is just barely begun. The pattern is called Rock Candy and, while it is not difficult, it does have lots of cutting and the blocks will only be 8 inch blocks when they are finished. This pile of triangles need to be sewn, then trimmed and then sewn again. I had originally thought I might make a larger bed quilt but I am not sure now.. I haven't even managed to complete one block and I think if I want to make a larger one I would have to make about 72 of them. That is a lot of piecing that would need to happen... HMMM

In case you were wondering if I have had lost my desire to quilt well.. I signed up for a mystery quilt along that is happening right now on Connecting Threads Quilt with Us forum. Do you know this group?
Connecting Threads is a nice company out of Vancouver, Washington that offers very reasonably priced fabric, thread,notions and books. I have bought a number of books, fabrics, thread and batting from them. Their shipping rate is excellent to Canada, or at least it was the last time that I ordered from them in January. The shipping from other shops can be a large deterrent these days when ordering from a US company. Sometimes, when I get to the check out and add the postage, the cost is about 50 dollars more- enough to make me stop and decide not to place the order.

Speaking of possibilities- here are  a couple of possibilites for the mystery quilt. I went upstairs a couple of weekends ago to make some choices from the stash. Here is one that I came up with ...
  and here is another one, that I am thinking of using for the mystery quilt. Perhaps if I wait another week,I will know which way to go- LOL -not much of a mystery, but at least I will know if I like my color choices.
I also have some scarf knitting going on too. I haven't used this boa yarn before and its a bit of challenge to get started, but is so pretty when it does get knit together. It is also very soft...
This past weekend we went to the opening lecture at the Art Gallery ( Canadian Art from Hart House in Toronto) We followed the lecture with a lovely dinner with some other extended family. One of Bruce's uncles was in town for the Friar Brier, that coincides with the Tim Horton's Men's Curling Brier. It was a wonderful evening catching up with nieces and SIL, BIL but especially with our energetic uncle who came to curl at a bonspiel ( he is in his mid 80's) and our sweet grand niece, A., who soon will be two. Four generations always makes for a memorable evening.
On Sunday we had the good fortune to take in a game of the Brier (a big Thank you to our dear friends who generously shared their tickets with us )- The brier determines a national men's champion. The winners were a young team from Northern Ontario . We went to the Bronze medal game and it went an extra end.( The game usually goes 10 ends unless the score is tied and then they play an extra end). We had followed the round robin games all week long on the television, but it is quite a different experience when one sees it live.
We do have fresh flowers that are brightening our table- gorgeous Alstromeria - the pale pink with the bits of wine make a great contrast to the red purply blooms of the other.. If you are still here reading I encourage you to check out the quilt gallery winter blog hop. Lots of wonderful blogs to check out and some great giveaways happening too.

Next week our son is coming for a visit- we are so looking forward to seeing him and his girl. It has been a year since his last visit.We appreciate our many conversations on Skype but there is nothing like seeing them in the flesh.. After they return home- I still will have some spring break holidays so maybe these possibility quilts will turn into some real quilting. I expect I might need some creative therapy after they return home.. I promise to return to the blog sooner this time.
Thanks for dropping by.. I always appreciate your comments, but most of all, the friendship that I have enjoyed from all of you out in Blogland.
We had some melting happening here in Alberta- perhaps Spring is just around the corner.
Warmest regards,
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