Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Dog Days of January....

Shown here in the photo is the Kaleidscope flimsy that is made from Ricky Tims technique - I love Kaleidscope quilts. I had the pleasure of seeing Paula Nadelstern speak about her gorgeous Kaleidscope quilts at a guild meeting a few years ago. Her book "Kaleidoscope Quilts" is a wonderful description of her process and the photographs are just sumptious. Go here to check out her beautiful quilts and see her current book :

I am very pleased with my kaleidoscope quilt- it is not as complicated in construction as Paula's technique but is still very pretty. I make very few wall hangings - I prefer to make utilitarian quilts. Every now and then I break with my usual quilt choices to make a piece just because I love the design. I guess I could have turned it into a medallion quilt but I decided to leave it this size.

I have since trimmed this quilt so there is no longer any white batting on the outside. (Isn't amazing how much difference trimming off the batting and such can make -even before you bind it?)

I really had planned to finish it but I have misplaced the binding so now I have to decide whether I am going to make more binding or wait until I locate it? Here I thought, I was being so organized and pre made the bindings of most of these newest quilts-- They will turn up one day - just like the lost bracelet of last week but I expect I can't wait for a year or so before I get them bound so it may not be along time before I make more binding..

Today was a pretty low key day- I went and got my haircut this morning-Nothing like a new hairdo to brighten the day.
It was a beautiful day outside - the sun was shining and the temperature mild which is always a bonus in January. Unfortunately, the sidewalks are slippery as we had rain earlier in the week so it makes for treacherous walking. It is great to see the sanding trucks out on the side streets - it will make them more passable for driving.

I got out my Winding Ways quilt out to check out the instructions. There is some piecing of the blocks to do before I can put this beautiful pattern together. The blocks are made of some lovely batiks so I am looking forward to getting back to it. This past week I finished quilting my Disappearing Nine patch quilts. It is nice to have got 5 different pieces quilted since December.

I have put up a new Header with some of the pieces that I have been working on so consequently Mars the cat has to check them out. Bruce found Mars lying on all 4 pieces at once - so while you can't see the finished designs of the four you will be able to see the riot of color that I have used for these quilts. Mars was not very happy with Bruce as he dared to disturb her beauty sleep by using the flash to light her up. She looks somewhat surly in these pictures but, in general, she is a friendly cat - especially late at night when Bruce feeds her treats and early in the morning when she thinks its time to wake up.

This week will be busier at work as I am starting to do some work towards the second reporting period. I hope to get a little more quilting done and bead a bracelet or two. Such is the life in the middle of winter - time to hang around home and keep warm quilting or blogging..

Have a great week- Happy quilting to one and all- Keep warm or cool depending on your current weather conditions...

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