Sunday, January 11, 2009

How do I say Thank You !!!

I found the photo of the second bargello- It is owned by my sister in law, J. and looks like a completely different pattern because of the colors.It has an old fashioned feel, I think - I do so love this pattern and am considering making another one. I have made another bargello pattern called Melinda's Heart. It is a beauty too. Bargello patterns are some of my favorite designs. It is always the challenge of time - which pattern do you make first?

This week was the end of holidays and the return to my kindergarten children. It seems like they grow so much when we are not together- or maybe you just notice things with fresh eyes - I am not sure which... The weather was not overly cooperative, so my students and I had a week with very little outside time-it was just too cold...The crazy carpets( a plastic carpet used to go sliding in the snow) remained rolled up in the box until Friday afternoon when there was a break in the weather. The weekend has been warmer and we hope that it will hold for a few days so we can be outside this week. Cross your fingers for us won't you?

My friend Pam asked me what kind of sewing machine I use to quilt my quilts. I have a babylock quilting machine- It is like the Juki Kim has which is bigger than a regular domestic machine-It has more space and an extended table than your standard machine so that it makes it easier to spread the quilt over the tabletop. The aperture is higher so you have more space under the arm of the sewing machine.

The first full sized bed quilt that I ever made, was a queen sized log cabin that I used double polyester batting inside( I wanted it to be a puffy quilt you know). In 1987,it felt I was trying to wrestle with a bear getting it to go under my first sewing machine(a Kenmore that I bought in 1978).

Another thing that I like about the Babylock, is that it goes like a Hot Damn - 1100 stitches a minute so it makes meandering quite fast. Bruce has bought both my newer machines as gifts:I piece with an Elna Quilter's Dream that he bought around 2000, and quilt on the Babylock that I received as a Christmas present in 2002 or 2003. They are both lovely machines, and I have used them alot in the time that I have owned them. I sew in a small room so it is not practical to consider owning a long arm machine and my machines more than adequately meet my quilting needs. If I were dreaming about more machines, some day I might like to try an embroider machine as there are some gorgeous patterns with embroidery- then I wonder if I would use it enough to warrant the cost- or perhaps a featherweight machine to take to quilt class- A girl has to have dreams though...

Last Sunday my goal was to get some quilting and beading done before I went back to class. While I didn't get quite as much done as I had planned that day, I did get the textured quilt quilted and two other smaller wall hangings quilted. As well, I got three bracelets made so, all in all, it was a productive Sunday. I still have to trim and bind all three quilts but I was quite pleased to have completed as much as I did.I haven't quite decided whether to just use cotton binding or whether I should use something different on the edge of the textured quilt(shown in the above picture). I was quite pleased how well it quilted with the walking foot. I did not put any batting in the texture quilt- it is plenty thick without batting. Last Sunday, I started quilting one of the three larger quilts left up there to quilt but I kept breaking my needle and the thread kept breaking too so I decided it was my cue to stop. I had hoped to get back at it today but somehow it took longer to get the living room tidied up.

My husband returned from his trip to Yellowknife on Tuesday. He brought me a lovely Inukshuk pin and a little bear pin too. I love brooches and have quite a collection. Bruce survived the cold (Yellowknife was -42C when he arrived on Friday night) and enjoyed watching the meteor shower in the warm of the car through the moon roof.

A most special Christmas present was given to me on Tuesday from my dear friend Lou. She made me a quilt - a lovely quilt with some autumn colors in it. To say that I was gobsmacked, would be an understatement. It is a very special thing to be given a quilt- as a quilter I know how much time it takes to create one. Lou and I have a great deal of fun having lunch and collecting fabrics for our stashes from our local quilt stores. We share patterns, books and magazines and have a wonderful time talking about quilting with one another. One of the things that she did in my quilt, was try her hand at some intricate quilting in the the quilt. I am honored that she would take the time to make a quilt and give it to me. It is a most treasured gift and "Thank you" does not seem adequate express my gratitude for her generosity or thoughtfulness.

The coloring in the close up is more accurate than the full view - We really tried to photograph it during the day light but it took awhile to remove the vestiges of Christmas from our living room.

On Friday evening, we spent a lovely time with our friends,V and A. who are like family. We had our Christmas exchange and there were more wonderful things that were given with much thought and care. And, so we come to the end of our Christmas season. I took down my Santa display yesterday and we removed the tree do today, so the Christmas seasonal decorations have disappeared from our home for another year. What remains is the generosity of others - I am truly fortunate. To my dear friends and family - you make my life rich with your caring and kindness- I am indeed a wealthy woman.
Right now, the snow is blowing around outside but it is warm in my home and in my heart.

Have a great week - Happy Quilting,



GARI said...

I, too, have the Babylock Quilter's Professional whatever machine and love it. it is my piecing machine as I now quilt with a Handiquilter 16. I have two Babylock embroidery machines which are going most of the time but my piecing and garment sewing machine is the BLPQ.

Exuberant Color said...

The bargello is beautiful. I have done lots of wallhangings in the technique but never a big quilt.

Seeing your texture quilts makes me want to get out all of the corduroy scraps and sew them up. I started cutting squares in the late 1970's.

I have the Babylock Quilter's Professional machine too and love it.

Purple and Paisley said...

i just love the bargello! and i wanted to thank you for your kind comments and visits during my birthday week are such a sweetheart, anna! thank you so very much! ☺

Wendy said...

Since you like bargello, I was curious if you had ever tried the Weaver Fever pattern by Jackie Robinson ( I just finished the blocks for mine this weekend. (48 blocks with 76 pieces of fabric in each). I can't wait to get it all sewn together.

Wendy in Iowa

maggi said...

Truly a beautiful gift of friendship.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your bargello quilts are so pretty. Someday I'm going to make one.

Anonymous said...

You really are talented. I know I have said that before, but it's so amazing to me, the work you do!

Kim said...

I agree! You are a talented quilt maker. There is always something interesting to read and see while visiting you here. :o)