Sunday, February 15, 2009

Honoring the People We Love....

Valentine's week at school is always a celebration of friendship and love. Young children love to make hearts and flowers and enjoy giving little cards to one another. At our school this week we made different kinds of cards - cards borne from loss - loss of one the members of our school community. A lovely young woman named BJ, who had just been married 10 days earlier, suddenly became ill and lost her life. With this tragedy, our school community went to a different place.
BJ was part of a team of six bus drivers who are responsible for bringing our students to school each morning and returning them safely home each night. Her parents, M and T, also drive our students back and forth to school and, the three of them have done so for a number of years.
Together we have learned about the inexplicable things that can happen in life - how unfair life can be to snatch a beautiful young woman from us all. How is it that we find her suddenly gone from our daily lives? We have learned that there are no words to explain or describe the sadness we feel for our school family. We wished for ways to bring solace and comfort to BJ's immediate family and friends. Many of our children made cards,letters, and pictures that have been shared with her parents and husband. Our families and staff took time to comfort one another with words and hugs. We have tried to provide comfort and explanations to the questions that our children asked for they too, sought to understand this terrible loss.
BJ loved life and had a generous spirit- Her joie de vivre was shared with all who knew her - She loved the children who she brought to school each day and they, in return ,loved her back.
On Valentine's morning, people came together to honor and celebrate her life. The chapel was filled to capacity and people came to provide solace and comfort to her loved ones. One of the things that stuck with me was the pastor's poignant reminder that each one of us is unique and special. As individuals one may have touched another's life without knowing it.
Throughout this week, I was reminded of the importance of expressing to my loved ones how much that I love and value them. It is the way we celebrate our relationships and honor the people we love...
So to the two special men in my life - my husband Bruce and my son Kevin _ I say I love you ... today, tomorrow and always...

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