Saturday, February 21, 2009

Log Cabin Quilts and their variations

Do you love traditional patterns or do you like more avant garde patterns? Do you make small quilts or big quilts? Do you use bright colors or more pastel hues? What do you do to make your quilts be a signature that reflects your personal style? Do you alter the pattern or do you make it the way the quilt designer has made it?
I have been thinking about how my quilting has evolved over the ten plus years that I have been a " serious quilter". My colors have got brighter and bolder over time. This quilt is a quilt pattern called Chimney and Corner Stones. I made it one summer about 1999(perhaps slightly earlier) I love the rich colors in this quilt - the burgundy stones and the rich deep green fabrics work together so beautifully. The floral border is just yummy and I still love it all these years later. The quilt belongs to a dear friend of my parents named Sherry. Sherry is as beautiful as the colors in this quilt. She is a gorgeous painter and paints flowers, birds and most other things found in nature. She paints on most every surface imaginable- canvas, skates, boxes, candles - you name it and she has probably painted her creations on that surface. When she was ill a few years ago, I gave her this quilt to wrap a garden around her - she lost her vision for a period of time. As someone who enjoys color and creating things, I could only imagine how frightening it must be not to be able to see and to paint the luscious colors that are part of our world. Today her vision has improved and she is back painting her beautiful pieces of art (I feel very fortunate to be the recipient of some her lovely work. Sherry knows that I love sunflowers so she has made me some beautiful sunflower pieces that adorn our home.
She and her husband Brian,are celebrating their wedding anniversary today(I believe that it is their 42) so I want to send them my best wishes for a wonderful day and dinner.
I do like log cabin patterns and there are so many variations. I have made diamond log cabins and set the log cabin pattern to form spinning pinwheels. There are so many different variations of this traditional pattern. Do you have a favorite pattern?

Log cabin was my first quilt. In 1986, I made a quilt in a day log cabin using Eleanor Burns "Quilt in a Day". I didn't have a rotary cutter at that time nor did I make the quilt in a day - more like a year. I used a double polyester batt because I wanted it to be puffy. :O) I wrestled that quilt through the arm bed of my old Kenmore machine without a walking foot. I have so many more tools now and have learned much on my quilting journey. I still have my first bed quilt - it is in sad shape - the victim of our pets and a child. That log cabin quilt taught me many valuable lessons - perhaps that was your experience too. Do you still have your first quilt?

The handsome dude on the quilt is my son,Kevin at age two months.He is still just as handsome but somewhat larger at age 21). I loved his knitted booties!! The furry critter beside him was our beloved dog Tigger. The log cabin was set as Sunshine and Shadows design. It was a well loved quilt and was on our bed for many years before I made a new one to replace it.

This week I was a winner of a quilt giveaway pattern from Kim I have been enjoying Kim's blog for a long time. She is a marvellous quilter with a generous heart and I thank her for the lovely pattern. Do check out her blog - she is currently making a very cool little shamrock topper and providing a tutorial for it.

If you are looking for heart patterns for quilts do check out Michele's blog She has a wonderful list of free heart patterns as well as a new list in today's blog for baby quilts. Michele also has a wonderful blog that shares her life's experiences and her love of quilting.
There are so many wonderful quilters who are sharing their ideas and knowledge. The internet has provided a great way to connect quilters around this globe. If you have time, do explore the blog list on the side. There are many wonderful writers sharing their ideas and experiences - I visit these blogs regularly to be inspired and to light my creative fires.

School is a little busy right now and I am looking forward to attending our annual teacher's convention. There will be some good speakers and the opportunity to reconnect with some teaching colleagues.

Be well and have a great week.
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