Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Ides of March ....

It is snowing outside yet again- perhaps it will be the last of the snow- one can only hope that is so -
Today is March 15 and I am feeling introspective - thinking about a young man who was gone too soon- a young man that was the same age as our son, now. On this day in 1975 my husband's brother David lost his life in an automobile accident. An accident that in one small moment took away a son and a brother. One is left to wonder what might have been all these years later. He is remembered for his zest for life, his gifted ability on the piano and his passion about music, mathematics and sports. He was gone before I was part of my husband's day to day life but his presence is still missed.
When I made the family photo quilt for Bruce's parents, I thought long and hard about how to include David. In the end, I chose to put him at the top in the middle. I wanted David to be remembered as a loved family member.. to acknowledge his presence and importance as a family member. The center of the quilt has my in- laws wedding picture surrounded by the families of their four adult children. I know that this quilt was well loved by Bruce's parents. It currently hangs in my mother-in law's room. When we lose our loved ones, it is the memories that help us and keep that person alive in our hearts. You remain forever in our hearts,David!

This lovely diamond log cabin quilt is not my work - well that is not completely true- I did quilt it but a good friend and quilt teacher L., made this top and gave it to me when I was searching for a quilt for a fundraising project. I quilted it up and stil have this beauty in my collection of quilts because the fundraiser project never came to pass. It is a real beauty and another variation of log cabin. The pink and black color combinations are wonderful together. I really love how she created movement with the diamonds by using various black fabrics of the same color value. It shows how you don't need to have a big background piece of fabric- you can use a combination of background fabrics equally effectively.
Here is Mars in a familiar spot- sitting on a pile of quilts- this log cabin was one that I practised meandering on when I first was learning how to meander quilts. I did not make this top either( another example of L.'s terrific work) - I just practised my quilting. Doesn't Mars look serene on it? The colors were a lovely earth combination- with some pretty batiks too!!
The log cabin pattern really is versatile and can be used to make beautiful patterns. The technique is not complicated though there are some that are more intricate than others. I do love this traditional pattern.

A big Thank you goes out to Kim She sent me a lovely note with her giveaway prize- two patterns "Yellow Brick Road" and her own pattern "Spring". Kim has just opened her own etsy shop with kits for her great bunnies "Bette" and "Buckey". Do go and check out her blog - it is one of my favorite places to visit.

Time to go and make a bracelet with beads for a friend. It is her birthday soon and I would like to give her a small gift. I can bead faster than I can quilt. Do you do other hobbies besides quilting? Quilting is my first love but sometimes I need to do other things that are not as time consuming. I enjoy the process of both hobbies- Whatever your passion I hope that it feeds your creative soul.

I am wishing for spring here in Alberta and looking forward to seeing some green grass poking its head up. It was beautiful yesterday - the snow had melted under the trees in our backyard but alas it was Mother Nature pulling a trick- there is a fresh snow pile there today,

Have a great week - May you spend some happy times together with family and friends..
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