Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rocks and Stars = Rock Star

A friend sent me this newsclipping of my husband,Bruce who appeared in a local newspaper with a headline "Rock Star". We have been together for over 30 years and he has had many titles over that time, but Rock Star was a new one :0) He has many passions in his life besides me that include astronomy, hockey, music and math.

Bruce has enjoyed sharing his love of astronomy with people of all ages.
Recently He has been busy speaking to school children and local libraries as part of some programs celebrating " The International Year of Astronomy". His current presentations have included some information about meteorites because of a meteorite fall last November in Saskatchewan (our neighbouring province). If you're interested, Bruce has set up a website with some wonderful photographs of the Buzzard Coulee Meteorites. It is amazing to see the beauty of the meteorites when a slice is taken and shown under a microscope - there are some beautiful colors. It looks like bits in a stain glass window. Isn't it amazing how you can find colors in so many different places!

A few years ago, I entered a small quilt that I made for Bruce in a guild show. Bruce's Churndash is the wall hanging quilt on the bottom left. It is made using a colorwash technique. I love the wash effect where the colors blend together to form an overall design.

Don't you love Bruce's coat- it was bought at a local artisan fair that had clothing from Africa. The jacket's cuffs are pretty worn now but he did love that jacket. It was the perfect coat to wear to a quilt show.

Speaking of quilt shows- My compliments to Amy Ellis for hosting the Virtual Quilt Show. In the end, there was around 575 quilters that shared there talents and beautiful quilts. I loved visiting all the blogs and seeing the wonderful works of talented women and men. The stories behind those quilts were always interesting and often moving. Quilting is a powerful venue to express one's creative energies. As I read the stories, it was evident that the quilts were made with love and caring meant for the recipients to feel wrapped in the warmth of those loving relationships. After many days of interesting reading, I have finally been to everyone's blog on quilt show's list. As a participant, I was visited by many bloggers this week. I have added some new names to my blog list and plan to continue to visit many of my new quilting friends. I will look forward to participating in the next virtual Quilt Show in October.

There was some prizes awarded at the Virtual Quilt Show. I was one of the fortunate ones who won one of the those prizes- I will receive 2 yards of Amy Butler fabric. A big thank you to the sponsor of this lovely prize.

I made this coin quilt for Bruce to celebrate a special birthday. I think of it as all the colors of our love. We often have a conversation about the color of stars, which I manage to only identify correctly occasionally. My color sense escapes me when it comes to the night sky ( though I do see Mars as red)LOL. However the batiks in this quilt are rich and reflect many of the colors seen in the natural environment. I wrote about some coin quilts in one of my earlier posts- they are lots of fun to make - you only need scraps of different fabrics to make a fabulous looking quilt. The bar sashing looks a bit complicated but is really quite simple to make. It is from a book called "Quilt Africa".

Spring continues to elude us in Alberta - the days are cool with the occasional flurries... Meanwhile my hyacinth bulbs have sprouted leaves and the robins and squirrels think Spring has arrived... Hopefully these spring signs mean that the warmth is not far behind.
Until next week, be well..

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