Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers and Sons...

I have made quilts for many of my loved ones- This brick quilt belongs to our son Kevin. It was the result of an experimental border that did not work as a border for another quilt. It is a strip quilt and has a fleece backing-It is a scrap quilt and makes up quickly. It has many of Kevin's favorite things: hockey, golf and star fabrics. The border is also pieced.

Its Father's Day ....I want to honor the many contributions the men in my life make on a daily basis. Most of them are fathers (except our son)and without exception they are all wonderful men. Both my of my fathers- my own father and my father in law are devoted to their wives. They worked hard in their chosen professions and made contributions to the bigger world around them. This is a photograph of my husband Bruce and his parents taken during his last visit with both of his parents. His father S.,passed away in November of 2007, not long after this picture. My father in law was a great lover of life- he lived his life with zest and joy. Dad loved baseball, hockey,classical music, history, teaching, people, his family and most devotedly my mother in law B.(B. lives in a nursing facility where she is well cared for as she has developed Alzheimers in the last few years.) We miss Dad's energy and passion for life.
My father R., is a brilliant gardener, a fisherman and a man who enjoys tinkering in his garage. He is meticulous about anything in his care- his tools, his vehicles, his home, his animals and anything that is related to his family. My Dad, R. always says that a job worth doing was worth doing well. Buy the best that you can afford is another of the beliefs that he has shared. He and my mother, D. enjoy many wonderful times visiting with their friends, having coffee at Tim Horton's, and going to Bluegrass concerts together.
My dad is a person of few words, preferring to show his care and devotion to his loved ones. His wants are small- a few nice plants, the occasional opportunity to catch a fish, a good cup of coffee, and his family coming to spend time regularly. How many Dad's do you know will sit and wait patiently while you go and do your thing in a quilt shop.
Thank you Dad for your wisdom and unwavering support- it is a most treasured gift.
These are my boys- my beloved Husband, Bruce and our cherished son, Kevin. I am the short stuff in the middle- I am really not that short(perhaps a little vertically challenged) but they are also both tall(over 6 feet). I celebrate their bright minds and their love of life.
Bruce is a passionate astronomer, huge hockey fan and the constant in my life. I know that I can count on him to help and support me through good times and bad. He has been my friend and the love of my life for thirty years. While life is not always easy together, we find a way to traverse the challenges and still have fun together.
As for Kevin, he is becoming his own person- we are proud of the way he is beginning to find his way as an adult. Someday perhaps he will be a father- He has had many wonderful role models to show him what it means to be a Dad. K has experienced the richness of having the love of fathers and two very special grandfathers. I celebrate you all.

Hey Dad- Your favorite modern baseball player Albert Pujols tied Stan Musial's nine grand slam record today...We can hear you cheering and celebrating !!

My house mailbox is a fun place to go these days- or least on the days when it is something other than the requisite monthly bills. I received a lovely package from Christine this week that was a giveaway that I won a few weeks ago. The fat quarters are really lovely- purple and gold - such royal colors. I am not sure yet how I will use them but I hope that I will find something special in which to use them. Thank you for your generous gift- it will be treasured!

Summertime is fast approaching - or maybe it is here, if you think of summer beginning with the summer solstice. We had our first significant rainstorm last evening.
My School vacation will begin on June 30th. The school year has been very full so I am looking forward to getting some things done around the house as well as beading and quilting.. I will, of course, take some time to visit my parents and relax. I have a number of projects that I want to finish-
This week I completed the body of the second of two twin sized "Trip around the world" quilts. The borders are yet to be decided but I have a good idea for at least one of them.
I want to get the borders on the" Winding Ways" and the "Wonky Tiles" so that I can finish them up too. Bruce has asked me to come up with an" Astronomy Themed Quilt" so I have a few projects to keep me busy. And there is always the "Tumbling blocks" quilt in a bag waiting to be finished.. In between times,I want to devote some time to finding my way through the boxes in our basement and catching up on some novels that have been sitting languishing on the shelf..
Summer plans ...Lots of ideas ...I wonder how much I will actually finish... Hopefully lots..I know from experience that the time will go all too quickly..
Have a great week.
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