Sunday, June 7, 2009

This is June isn't it?

June is for weddings and this quilt was made for our niece Nicole and her husband last year. This quilt was the first quilt I posted when I began blogging last fall. The quilt pattern is from a book called " Strip Easy" by Christiane Meunier. The pattern is called "One World Over". I tried very hard to get the spiral to work out in the middle, but my colors were not exactly right. It is a queen sized quilt and I chose fabrics that were jungle like as Nicole really liked those fabrics.

On Saturday evening, Bruce and I were invited to a barbecue. The food was delicious and the company very pleasant, but, man was it chilly!! Everyone had a jacket and some people had brought gloves. It snowed down south of us and in the mountain areas.. Did I say that this was June?
We keep hopeing that spring/summer will arrive here in Alberta but so far Mother Nature has been playing some cool tricks on us.

I have spent the day working on report cards- I have another week before they are due and I am about half done. It takes me awhile to organize the assessments and write individual comments.

This second quilt belongs to my niece Sarah and her husband. It was a wedding gift that I made for them, when they were married in 2005. It is a variation of a spiderweb quilt. It is interesting to see the difference that it makes when you use the same background versus making it scrappy. I will show another spider web next time, that is a scrappy variation.

On a sad note, our friends lost their beautiful daughter Vanessa,to breast cancer. She was loved dearly by all who knew her, and our hearts go out to our friends at this difficult time.

This week our son,K took a friend to British Columbia on a road trip. I am sure that they are having a grand time. It is his first long driving trip ( 12 hours driving one way). We are learning to adjust to having an adult son - we will still be happy when he returns safe and sound on Tuesday.

Dusty, the dog, got herself groomed this week. She has gone from mottley, to sleek and soft. Dusty will be gorgeous until she finds something to roll in wants to stick her beak into something she wants to have for a snack. Pets do keep life interesting don't they?

I got a chance yesterday to go off with my friend Lou. We went and explored some of our favorite quilt shops and bought a bit of fabric. I was looking for a quilt backing for the Trip around the world quilt. The best part always is that I got to enjoy some time with my dear friend.
Besides fabric, I picked up the newest Quilt Sampler magazine.
Do you have a favorite magazine or source for quilt patterns What about a favorite website? favorite quilt pattern book?

I was noticing on Connecting Threads website some of their new books that are on sale are actually some older books that are classics. If you are looking for books- I have found Connecting Threads to be a good source.

Now I need to go visit another dear friend- my pillow. June always brings interesting busy days..

Be well,


Wanda said...

Such GREAT quilts! I really like them. And they do make wonderful wedding presents!

Micki said...

The quilts are so special..thanks for sharing with us!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love your quilts. As for sources for ideas and patterns--wherever I find them.

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of the beautiful quilts. They're wonderful.

I'm so sorry about your friends' daughter. That's so heartbreaking.

Glad you had a good time fabric shopping with your friend. That's always a fun thing to do!

meggie said...

Haha, Anna, my pillow is a good friend too!
We have just had a long weekend- Queens Birthday- & it was full of visitors & fun. Yesterday I just wanted to sleep!

Andrea said...

Wow, beautiful work! One of my favourite quilt magazines is Quilters Home - I love the articles and his style of writing. For inspiration, I like Quilting Arts - I go to the library and get tons of back issues each week of any quilt mags they have for inspiration.

Good luck on the report cards, I know it's such an uphill battle with summer holiday dreams on your mind!

Aunt Spicy said...

I hope that all is well with your friends and the loss of their daughter, so heartbreaking. Best of luck!

Anne Marie said...

Beautiful quilts Anna!! I hope your weather warms up, we too have had a very wet and cold spring. All the best...hugs Anne Marie