Sunday, August 2, 2009

August is Quilting Time and an Invitation.....

I have been busy quilting this past week- I looked at the calendar and realized half my summer has passed and while I have enjoyed resting, relaxing and puttering along in July the time is ticking and I want to finish up some projects. I have been trying to get my quilting Mojo going by cleaning up the sewing room, fondling the stash fabric and arranging the projects that I have partially finished. Along the way I keep getting distracted by the blogs and whatever else that caught my interest.

However this week my blog friend, Kim has issued an August invitation to do a few things- The first thing that Kim encouraged others to do is to finish up some unfinished projects commonly known as UFO's. A second part is to get rid of some patterns or fabric that you are no longer using or see yourself using (KIm is hosting a giveaway of some patterns that she, herself is giving away to others- she has four combinations that you may choose from for a draw and the third is to work from your stash. You can sign up to join Kim's August invitation and she will add your name to her list on her side bar.

Well I didn't have to think very long before I decided that Kim had an inspired idea. Personally I am going to focus on using fabric from my stash and finish up as many as half a dozen projects that I have on the go right now. I have not yet decided about a giveaway. Right now I am focusing on completing my 6 projects using my stash. This is a pattern from Mary who has a set of instructions on her blog to make this Wonky RWB(she made her's red/white/blue)rails. I intend to enlarge the quilt in the photograph and make it into a kingsize quilt. I already have a large number of blocks made- it is a gift for some good friends so I best get moving on it.
Mary has a really lovely blog and a number of nice patterns that have excellent instructions - Do check out her blog.
Finally,here is a picture of the batik "Winding ways" or sometimes it is called "The Wheel of Mystery". I used the Marti Michell pattern for the design. I have the borders to put on it. I even have them chosen- sometimes just getting started is the hardest part once you get stalled out. These two projects were started last fall and I want them off my plate before school starts.

However, the very first project I must finish is the star quilt- I have it ready to quilt so that will be completed this week. There is also have a small star wall hanging that I want to complete for Bruce to take for a display in Cyprus Hills when he goes in the middle of August. So here is the base group of my August UFO's that I plan to complete - I have a couple of other quilts that I would like to finish too so at present there is my list of six projects.
Think I can do it? I hope so....

I have been reading lots of blogs from my blog list - The posts reflect the breadth of emotions of life. Some people have experienced the joy of a new home and new family members; while others struggle with grief and sorrow at the loss of dear friends and loved ones. Still others are dealing with complicated health issues- One hopes for those of you going through these challenges and sadness that life will bring some brightness to comfort and help you through those difficult times.

The weather continues to raise havoc in different parts of the country- On the weekend we had a terrible storm in a town about 50 miles from here called Camrose. There was a large Country Music Festival and the wind blew so hard that it caused the stage to collapse. One woman lost her life and many more were injured- such a terrible tragedy for everyone involved.

On the weekend I attended a quilt retreat. We made this pattern - it is an optical illusion quilt

illusion quilt

I really liked how my friend's quilts came out - the jury is out on mine - I haven't yet decided whether I was color blind when I chose the colors or that I just don't have a good feel for two color quilts. I haven't photographed it yet- scared what might happen to the camera LOL I have auditioned a few fabrics for the borders but the challenge is to find the balance between the strong center colors and the border...It may just end up being the ugliest quilt I have ever made...

What do you do when you are not sure whether the quilt works ?
Do you try to selvage it or give it up as a bad idea?

Decisions, decisions...

While my quilt remains a design question there is a giveaway at Marie Madeleine's studio for an absolutely scrumptious looking quilt do check it out.
You can find it here:

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And Elaine is having a stimulus giveaway- do go and check out her blog- you'll be glad you did!

Have a great week and Happy quilting-

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