Monday, August 23, 2010

Do you wonder where August has gone?

Medicine Lake,Alberta

I know its been awhile- Perhaps you were beginning to think that I was giving up blogging? or that I was lost somewhere and couldn't find my way home?LOL Went on a long journey? Well it is true that my husband Bruce and I went away on a short little trip. We visited the mountains around Jasper Alberta in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. It is very beautiful there don't you think?

Summer vacation is soon over for me-classes begin again next week. Perhaps a sign of the seasons changing, is the changing weather- this morning it was quite cool and I put on a pair of slacks and shirt rather than my usual summer sun dress. I have even been thinking about putting on my slippers....

My aunt ( my mother`s sister) came to visit me today- we had a lovely time together- looking at some genealogy books, talking about our projects and having some lunch that I prepared for us to share together ( turkey spread, buns, tomato bean salad, greek salad, salsa and fresh fruit). While she was here, she showed how to do a bow knit knitting stitch so that I could make a baby blanket or scarf( that is a whole other post). My aunt asked to look at some of summer projects.

Here is a little tour of some of the projects that I have been working on these days..

This convergence quilt is done -Waa hooo..... I must have been more wonky than usual whenI was cutting this quilt because I had lots of difficulty getting this quilt straight- I am pleased with it now - we seem to have recouped it from its original bad haircut!

You may remember me making the large wonky tiles quilt last summer for our dear friends to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. I thought maybe they would enjoy having matching pillowcases so with a couple of spare blocks( I have another 100 to turn into another quilt or two VBG) I had some scraps from the borders of their quilt and used them to make two pillowcases for them. Happy anniversary dear friends!
I do love Convergence designs and here is a second one. This one still needs to be quilted and bound(I even have the binding made- Now if I could just get it spray basted so that I could quilt it) It is fun to see how the design converge - I really loved how the red stop border sets this quilt off..
Perhaps you remember when I was trying to decide whether I wanted to use this fabric for a border for this quilt? I really like how it sets off the blocks- Sometimes I find it helpful to see a few quilts that have been made using a particular pattern. This is a BQ pattern from Maple Island quilt patterns- I have now bound this quilt- It is waiting for its label and then I can give it to some special people in my life.. Fabric variations really do change how patterns look. This is the same pattern as the previous quilt, but with a little more variety in the big blocks. I am sure it would look different again with all scrappy fabrics. Mars the cat, came to be our assistant when we were setting out the quilts to be photographed. I am very pleased to have 3 quilts finished except for labels. I have some more blocks to join of the tessellation quilt. As well, I have more wonky rail tie blocks that need to be sewn together LOL. I hope to get some of these blocks together so that I have two more quilts made into quilt tops.

August is soon over but it is nice to have finished some projects this summer. The sands of time stop for no one...I wonder if I can put my pedal to the medal so that I can go a little faster?

These past few weeks I have visited some friends and family as well as enjoyed a few books. I recently finished reading " The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton ( good story) as well as some more of Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swenson cooking mysteries.

Last week I attended a workshop to help me improve my teaching of reading. I will go and spend some time in my classroom this week. I want to get a few things set up before class begins next week. Our school was renovated this past year and they are working fast and furious for us to be ready for school opening. There are lists to be made and some materials prepared and new lessons to develop _ I can feel the pace of life starting to rev up.

My friend Lou and I went on another local shop hop. Bruce and I stopped in some quilt stores on the way to Jasper. More about that next time...

Some Thank you's

I want to acknowledge two very fine ladies who sent me giveaway gifts in the mail..
Nancy from Blogging near Philadelphia sent me a lovely cupcake pincushion pattern with some sweet buttons.Thanks so much for your thoughtful and generous gift Nancy. Do visit her blog - I enjoy reading her postings - I am sure you will too!

Elizabeth sent me the coolest Abby pincushion and thread bag. If you go to her August 23 posting you will see one that is the same pattern that she made for me. I will try and take a photo of it to show you her brilliant work. Thanks so much ladies- I am such a fortunate person..

There are some wonderful giveaways going on around blogland.

If you are wishing for the Accuquilt Go you can enter to win one here: Paulette has a great tutorial going on for the the GO or here: Jackie has some lovely quilts on her blog. You might enjoy visiting her shop too..some really yummy fabrics including Kaffe Fassett.
( Kaffe is coming here to Edmonton to speak- I must go and get my ticket soon.. Waa hooo)

Aunt Spicy's friend Erica has a very cute pair of earrings that she is giving away. I remember having some of those carved earrings some years ago. I love the updated look of those earrings.

Pat is celebrating a writing opportunity by having a giveaway. I enjoy reading her quilting and stories - She has such a great sense of fun...

Enjoy your last days of summer if you live in the Northern Hemisphere (I am sure my friends in the southern hemisphere are looking forward to warmer days and the flowers of spring just as we are looking forward to all the colors of autumn. Such an interesting concept to be thinking about fall and spring at the same time!

Warmest regards,


QuiltSue said...

You have been really busy. The quilts are lovely. The top photo of the scenerry from your trip was just beautiful, I really loved it.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- you've had a busy summer Anna. Your pictures are beautiful. Good Luck with your upcoming school year!

Peg said...

Fabulous quilts - I guess being away from the computer leaves time to quilt (maybe I should take a hint here). Glad to see you back!

quiltingnana said...

I just love your convergence quilts

Jo said...

Yup, August seems to have flown by and yours has certainly been busy. Just adore your photos of Jasper Alberta - sooooo very beautiful, quite takes my breath away. Love your convergence quilt too - stunning.
Ooo like the sound of Kate Morton's "The Forgotten Garden" - I very much enjoyed "The House at Riverton."
Will certainly be thinking of you as you start back with your new class of kiddies - Enjoy!!!
Hugs xx

Elizabeth said...

I loved the vacation photos! Very beautiful!

Thanks for the bloggy shout-out! I'm glad you like your Abbey Bag pincushion. You're very welcome!

xo -E

Purple Pam said...

You have been busy this summer. I want to make a BQ quilt. I like the colors you used on your quilts. Those convergence quilts look tricky to piece. I sewed one small on and went crazy trying to remember where all the strips went!

I helped in a Kindergarten class yesterday (the first day of school)at my old school. It was exhausting. The teacher has 36 students in her class. I don't know how she will manage without any help. Last year she had 26 which was much easier on classroom management. I admire you for doing this over and over every year. You are a saint, and so is every Kindergarten teacher!

A Garden of Threads said...

It is hard to believe that the summer is almost over. Your quilts are wonderful. I hope you enjoyed your trip, the pictures are great.

Ozjane said...

wow you have been busy. I felt good getting borders on one.
I love, adore the photos of the Lakes. I would love to be able to sit on a plane long enough to visit Canada but unless it was first class and that is out of budget I could not manage it.
I have often thought of doing a convergence quilt but have not done it as yet. Have a heap of UFo's first.

Micki said...

Your quilts are really spectacular! I have been to Alberta, so really enjoyed seeing your pics!

taylorsoutback said...

Enjoying your photos of Alberta - we are on the road in Alaska (Valdez this week) and are thinking about returning home by way of Banff - has to be one of the most glorious places in all of Creation! Your lovely quilt echoes the colors of the water - don't you just love it!!?

Aunt Spicy said...

The convergence quilts are just stunning! As are the pictures from Alberta! Hope you had a great summer!