Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Colors of Spring...

Don't you love color? I recently received this box of yarn that I had ordered from Herrschenner's in the post. I loved looking at all the beautiful color combinations.I plan to knit them all into scarves to give away as gifts. They are fun and quick to knit. It is astonishing to me that the lacy ribbon yarn turns into this twisted frilly looking scarves. I wonder how someone could figure out something so clever!
I have finally got the blocks of the two lattice quilts together. The one shown here has 12 blocks in it. The second one is larger and both of them will be gifts for someone special. The second one has 20 blocks and both need stop borders and larger borders.
Here are a couple of border possibilities. I like the lattice look of the plainer brown but can't decide if it is too flat looking. I am leaning to use the red as a stop border but I do have other choices: like this gold that is sparkly, or a bright yellow, or deep green. It is sometimes hard to balance the central body of the quilt with the borders. I want the borders to hold the body of the quilt without overpowering it. I am still pondering...
Last weekend I finished up these baby wraps. The top photo shows what it looks like when the clover leaf wrap is opened flat. The wrap works great in car seats and strollers.
I love the fun fabrics you can find these days to use to make baby things. The inside of the wraps is minkee, terry or stretch velour. Minkee is my first choice but I only buy it when its on sale as it costs about 25 dollars a meter.
Here is my current scarf- I am not sure that I am going to give this one away. I love the purple and blue combination of yarns- If you could create a yarn what colors would you like to put together- I find these ones so soothing....
From the vaults: To Celebrate Mothers It soon will be Mother's Day. My mother and father have a few of my quilts but I wanted to share a quilt that I made for my Mother in Law Betty. Betty (aka as Mum) has been part of my life since 1979, when my husband and I began our life together. She was always warm and loving, and a woman of many talents. She enjoyed baking bread and doing crossword puzzles. She could play a great game of scrabble. I remember one winter that she took an English class at university, because is was something that she always wanted to do, and achieved the highest mark possible. She built a loving home for her 5 children and was welcoming to all who passed through their door. We spent many happy weekends sharing meals, watching shows on television, going to the occasional movie and concert, and listening to classical music. After my father in law had a stroke, it was harder for him to get around and they retired to the West Coast. We missed their presence in our lives, as their new home was 1000 miles away from where we live. As she got older, Betty found it more difficult to remember things. As time passed, it became apparent that she was experiencing serious memory loss. It was later determined that she had developed Alzheimer's, and could no longer manage independently. I wanted to make her a quilt that would brighten her room and so I created this medallion quilt. My husband took it to her in the fall of 2007.She loved soft colors, and I thought that she would enjoy this butter yellow colored medallion quilt with the matching border.
This is a doll sized version made to match her quilt. Don't you love the prairie points on it? I know that the babies look sweet all wrapped up in the coverlet.
Spring has indeed arrived here in Alberta. Things are beginning to green up and my forget me nots are blooming. I will soon have daffodils and tulips showing their beautiful faces in the front flower beds. Until next time,be well. Warmest regards, Anna
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