Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kindergarten Common Core Workbook

And now for something completely different.. Usually, I use my blog to reflect and share my passion for quilting. In passing you do hear about my life as a kindergarten teacher here in Canada.On my blog list I have a number of links to kindergarten blogs that I enjoy reading. This new resource looks interesting so I am posting this link to share with those of you who work with young children.

 In the US there has been a large focus on the establishment of Core Education Standards  This is a new resource that recently has been created to help teachers who are trying to meet the criterion of the core standards. This is a new resource that has been developed in the United States as the Kindergarten Common  Core workbook resource  This link will take you the site where you can download a sample copy . They also have a place on the website that shows the core State standards of various states in the literacy and math areas.  From what I could see in the download sample, there were lots of good ideas and materials readily available to use in this resource. These standards have been set in around 45 US states.

While our curriculum may be different across Canada, there are many ideas and materials that could make it a useful resource for all Kindergarten teachers. The internet continues to provide materials and resources to help support all our children's learning environments.
If you go before the end of the weekend, you may be able to receive your own copy of the resource free of charge.

I will return soon to share my news and love of quilting..
Regards, Anna

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