Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sidelined by the Sidelined quilts

When I return to the classroom after summer break, it is always a bit of an adjustment from the ebb and flow of summer to the hectic times opening up my classroom. After the first day, My beloved brought home these gorgeous pink roses to celebrate new beginnings. I was so tired that I could hardly utter a coherent word that resembled" Thank you "for his thoughtfulness, so I thought I would share these with you now. Hope they brighten your day like they brightened mine.
In early August I began a journey with this Sidelines pattern. It has turned into a series of twin sized couch quilts. There is some variance in the quilt's size- depending on the width of the outside border but all of them are at least around 60 inches wide and 70 + inches in length. This blue and brown one has a minkee back. I made it for my mother in law who is turning 90 at the end of this month. In this photo it is not quilted but it has now been quilted and has a label on the back of it. It quilted up beautifully and I hope that it will look terrific on her bed.

The thing I like best about this pattern is that it really shows off the fabrics. This soft floral has beautiful pink and yellow pansies. It is not yet quilted but I hope to finish it before Christmas. It depends on how many other quilts need to get completed first. Mars often has her favorite quilts in the pile- It looks like she approves of this blue and yellow one( I think it is my current favorite.) Mars often picks ones that are the same color as she is!  I often found her laying on the blue and brown one. The other morning I saw her lying on the pile of finished quilts. I wish I had taken a photo of her looking like the princess that she is, sleeping on the quilts. Here she is just showing off her gorgeous color on the blue  and gold quilt.  This one is not quilted yet. 
This green and gold one below is  made with Asian like fabrics. It is finished- it has a label and is made for a special couple who is celebrating a milestone anniversary. I hope that they will love it- It has a real elegance about the fabrics and seems appropriate for them. It is fun to choose the fabrics that seem to suit the recipients. Sometimes,choosing the fabric and design that would suit a person or the people it is for, is more complicated than other times.
See how different this one looks- I don't want to reveal who it is for just yet but I will say that it is also finished. It has some gorgeous fabrics too.
This last one is not completed- it is just a top yet but it is the largest of the series. It was the original one I made. I was able to learn a few things about choosing the colors for the strips( you should have good contrast but not too distinct)so that you can get good framing of the fabric blocks but the strips don't overwhelm the framed blocks. I would have chosen a softer peach color which I had in my stash, but didn't use, with these pueblo vase fabrics. It is too Halloween like for my taste.. I have not decided where its home will be but I am sure that there is someone out there who would love this quilt.
I am not sure that I am finished with this Sideline series. I have some sunflower fabrics as well as some Christmas fabrics that I think I will use to make a couple more of this pattern. It has kept me busy this past month getting them cut, pieced and quilted but it has been a very satisfying flurry of creativity. I also have one other quilt top that is nearly completed but I will share that sometime soon. Do you ever create a series of quilts or do you like to work on completely different projects? I have a few patterns that I made over and over again - not because I don't like to try different patterns but sometimes it is fun to see how different they look using different fabrics combinations. I also have this knack of making a series because I could not get my fabric combinations choices down to just one grouping.LOL   In the past, I made a pair of Irish chains, 4 whirlgig quilts, numerous convergence quilts and two paper weights.. and the list goes on..

I notice as I am driving home that the leaves on my street are starting to turn color. One day soon I will have to take a photo of the street before the leaves fall to the ground. The trees are so beautiful when they form an golden arch over the road.

Until next time,
Happy creating,
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