Friday, September 26, 2008

I am overwhelmed!!!

Thanks so much for all your kind words and the warm welcome to Blogland. I hope that you will continue to want to stop by for a visit. I will post when I can... Life as a teacher is a steady stream of upcoming events and I have learned after 30 years to plan ahead- at least some of the time. VBG

Making a quilt is sometimes like that( needing it for a specific purpose) and other times the quilt just gets to evolve on its own time. The last few years, I have been busy making quilts for people that are important to us. I think that quilts are gifts given from your creative soul, and I remember struggling to part with the first ones that I gave away. I often would worry about whether it was something that the person would enjoy and find pleasure from, when they were wrapped up in the quilt. I wondered whether they would like the colors and pattern, and if it would suit their decor. Now,after parting with many quilts, I am learning to let it go and give them without some of that angst. Once they are given they no longer belong to me. I have made them with love and found pleasure in the creative process (at least most of the time). Has anyone else struggled with this dilemma?

Today's quilt was my second wedding quilt of the summer. It is owned by another lovely niece and her new husband who loved the color blue. As someone who loves color I did not want to just use blue (even though there are many beautiful shades of blue). When we gave it to them I hoped they would love it even though it was colorful and fortunately they did (see there still is abit of angst in giving). The pattern is a pattern called "Paperweight" by Aardvark Patterns, Kansas. It is similar to a spiderweb pattern.(I need to give credit to the creator of the pattern- I hope this is the right way.)

I have just begun two quilts - this September is indeed a time of new beginnings. For the first time in a long time, I am making quilts that I want to make just because- Right now they have no particular destination yet. One is a Winding Ways Quilt that is made from batiks. I hope it will be a beauty, as I so love batiks. The other one is the Wonky Tiles pattern from Mary - scraps from a stash blogspot. Right now they are just a pile of cut up pieces and some blocks. I have been collecting fabric for quite awhile, and like many other quilters, am amassing quite a stash. Both of the fall quilts are made from the stash- Maybe I could become a stashbuster! Nah I love collecting fabric too much..LOL

Soon I hope to add a list of blogs that I have enjoyed reading and figure out how to leave a link to other blogs in my post.
Until next time,
Regards from Western Canada,
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