Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No you are not seeing double!

When I first made this quilt pattern it was made as a wedding gift for a friend's niece and her husband in the summer of 2007. I did not know the young woman and I wasn't sure what kind of quilt she wanted but I knew that her aunt wanted something special. After emailing back and forth I was able to ascertain the colors and designs she liked. C. was very fond of a design by Ricky Timms called Summer in the City. My goal was not to copy Ricky Timms(I am a huge fan of his designs-especially his kaleidoscope and rhapsody designs)I do not claim to have made one as beautiful as his original design but his quilt was my inspiration.) After looking at many patterns the closest design I could find was this Paperweight pattern by Aardvark Patterns, Kansas.
My niece and her husband received the leftover blocks(not bad for leftovers :-) I kind of got carried away making blocks to audition in the first quilt. My quilting friends would tell you that I often get carried away making blocks.VBG
However,I did have to make more blocks as my niece's quilt is a queen sized quilt where as the first quilt was a big couch quilt.

Do you do this, make more blocks than you need in the hopes you will get the perfect combination? I tend to make quilts in sets of two or three. Why make one of the design when you can make three? LOL I think it is because I don't enjoy counting squares and fall in love with all the color combinations. Or maybe its because I like to practise until I get the pattern just right. Whatever the reason, my quilts often have mates or parts of a series... They are rarely stand alone quilts...

I know both couples loved their quilts. Which one do you like better? The smaller one with the border? The larger one with more color variation and no border? (See earlier post for picture of larger one.)

Creating a quilt is an interesting process- sometimes it takes time to satisfy one's creative bug! I hope you enjoy the process as well as the product.
Happy Quilting,
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