Monday, October 6, 2008

Life is full of surprises these days

This week I am attending a conference on the early years - working with young children. Today was the first day of the three day conference and I went to the registration desk to pick up the conference materials. Imagine my surprise when I read my name tag and found the prefix- Dr in front of my name. I started to tell the woman that there must be some mistake and she stopped me and said there had been a mixup on some of the tags. It seems that a number of us had magically attained the esteemed label of Dr( at least for the next three days). I promise I won't get a swelled head but, if I do, I can always check to see if there really is a doctor in the house....VBG

Recently I have been fortunate to be the winner of a couple of blog giveaways. One of them was from Eileen at My Quilt Porch She sent me a gorgeous hand quilted piece. It has lovely cable on the outside border. I did not own a piece of hand quilting nor do I handquilt so this lovely piece of work will be treasured. She has a wonderful blog where she shares her life on the porch and her beautiful quilts.

I have a surprise coming from Manx girl. You can see her blog here: I want to thank LouLee for her lovely giveaway gift. She had asked the question " How do you get some me time? Loulee is currently working on some lovely fans- Do check out these lovely women's blogs- you will be glad you did.

My other surprise is the lap top with pictures is temporarily out of service so no pictures to post today. My techie son thinks that we will have to send it off to be repaired so I will have to try and get some photos loaded onto this computer.

Life is good.
Happy quilting,
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