Saturday, October 4, 2008

Do you have a Helper?

Mars asleep on a whirling pinwheel quilt made around 2004

I have a feline helper named Mars that has had a couple of adventures in the last few weeks. She can often be found laying in my fabric piles, or sleeping on my chair in the sewing room. When ever I am busy making a quilt, Mars is definitely around checking out the blocks, new flimsie or finished quilt. Sometimes, Mars will visit me when I am cutting strips or,if she is feeling even more adventurous, when I am stitching on the machine. The needle moving up and down draws Mars like a moth to a flame. She loves to stir up the blocks if I have arranged them on the floor (my little house does not have a good space for a design wall). Have you ever tried to distract a determined cat?

My favorite picture of her is posted on my header with three of my quilts: the Golden Leaf quilt, the brown back of a bargello quilt and a mystery quilt named Bear in a Cabin. The golden Leaf quilt is from an Australian Patchwork and Quilting( 2001-2002) Magazine and the Mystery Quilt I believe, was a pattern taken from McCalls in 1999.

This week we took her to the Vet's as she had a leaky red half closed eye. Mars does not like riding in the car so this was not to be a relaxing trip. She meows loudly throughout to indicate her displeasure. Fortunately the eye problem is not serious, and, after a return trip in the car, a couple of serious attempts to hide and a hundred dollar bill she is safely home. Giving her eye drops is a bit of an adventure; but manageable... We are not sure what caused her eye problem.

Mars is an indoor cat but lately she has taken to trying to sneak out of the house. One evening, I went to see where she was at,at bedtime. I could not find her in the house so I attempted to call her-(unlike dogs, cats can be counted on not to respond to being called VBG) What was I thinking??? However,I opened the front door and in Mars pranced- which was fortunate for her, because it gets plenty cool here on an September night. A couple of nights later, Mars managed to sneak out again but for some reason, she meowed to let us know she was on the wrong side of the door. Thankfully she has stopped trying to having her nightly adventures and her eye is looking much better. I am sure she will find other ways to be entertaining- Mars always does!

I know when the sewing machine is out and the blocks are being made- my helper will return. Glad to see your feeling better, Mars.
Do you have a helper?
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